A moment passes — an incident occurs — an opportunity missed — an experience carved. It builds — formulates — amasses — pours out wild. On canvas. In words. In more moments. I begin again.

Ut pictura poesis.

Paint soaks into the woven threads of canvas, charcoal smudges into the creases. Words circumscribe this evanescent energy. 

This process presents as visual. As script and image. Legible yet unknowable, it searches for a language of the in-between. It is an encounter. An encounter with a mythological past, a revered tradition of impartation, a momentary confrontation with the internal. We place ourselves in a struggle to communicate beyond our limitations. 

My painting traverses land, borders, power. 

Land: layers of brushstrokes and words build up until the canvas has a geographical identity. A coordinate in abstract space, amidst history. Each layer, each open space charts where I am in the process of thought, mapping communication in two different, yet converging, ways. 

Borders: edges become geographical boundaries, emphasising difference. Where the stroke of Payne’s Grey hits a line scrawled in charcoal, there is a need to read from the other eye, the other part of the brain. When these distinct elements combine, it is necessary to translate, to shift, or to allow oneself to be lost in the space between.

Power: when two are forced to coexist in one. Tension mounts between the paint and the script. Power pervades the content when I draw from the influential masters of art history and rework them, when I process my own feelings of female powerlessness in the cannon of male-dominated abstraction, and when my colourfully painted canvases dare to claim an entire wall. Require space, demand immersion. 

I make my mark.


Ezra Enzo is a multimedia artist with a focus in painting and creative writing. Enzo grew up between Europe and the US, prompting her interest in art history, concepts of tradition, history, memory, and identity. Across varying media, she examines questions of language, communication, boundaries, power, femininity, and space.  Enzo has exhibited internationally at venues including Viaje de Pensionistas in Sevilla, Spain, The DIS Library Lounge in Copenhagen, Denmark, List Art Center in Providence, RI, and The Other Art Fair Brooklyn in New York City; published in art publications including Inside Artists and Aesthetica;  and collaborated with other working artists including Parisian artist,  Lala Drona, Australian artist, Clare Steele, and New Zealand artist, Clare Gemima. Enzo completed a degree with honours in Visual Arts at Brown University and is still based in Providence, Rhode Island.