artist statement

Ut pictura poesis. My process presents as visual marks. As script and image. Legible yet unknowable, my work searches for a language of the in-between. Layer by layer, paint pours out wild across the canvas, charcoal smudges into its creases, and scribbled text is woven in between. It is first an encounter. An encounter with a mythological past, a revered tradition of impartation, a momentary confrontation with the internal. In embracing the anxiety of influence,  we place ourselves in a struggle to communicate beyond our limitations, inheriting the stories of our past. 

Second it is a spoliation of these mythologies and narratives: the dusty, venerated columns of history quite literally bear the weight of the modern structures, of the new constructions. Myths, traditions, images, symbols, and words are dismembered and disfigured, then fragment by fragment, reinterpreted, re-presented, reimagined. In each layer of paint is a collapsed timeline, a layering of history.

I am drawn to the notion of spolia beyond the simultaneous play between the connotatively architectural deconstruction and reconstruction. In the layered history of the word itself, it also means to strip/undress (Italian “spogliare”), perhaps a more sexually explicit perspective of the value in layering. While one surface is altered to be built upon, the other is stripped bare. For that reason, most myths and narratives I rebuild on canvas are specific to womanhood, femininity, and the female body. Mark-making becomes synonymous with power as the women of our historical/mythological histories are reclothed and rebuilt, layer by layer, in skins of paint and poetry.


Ezra Enzo is a multimedia artist with a focus in painting, photography, and poetry. Enzo grew up between Europe and the US, prompting an interest in art history, concepts of tradition, history, memory, and identity. Across varying media, Enzo examines questions of language, communication, boundaries, power, femininity, and space.  Enzo has exhibited internationally at venues including Viaje de Pensionistas in Sevilla, Spain, The DIS Library Lounge in Copenhagen, Denmark, List Art Center in Providence, RI, and The Other Art Fair Brooklyn in New York City; published in art publications including Inside Artists and Aesthetica;  and collaborated with other working artists including Parisian artist,  Lala Drona, Australian artist, Clare Steele, and New Zealand artist, Clare Gemima. Enzo completed a degree with honours in Visual Arts at Brown University and is still based in Providence, Rhode Island.