CONTRE / JOUR: Getting to where it is now


Reflections on a year of reading, processing, creating

If you had called, texted, or emailed me anytime in the past few months, you would have found me in the studio. Putting together a solo show surely sounds difficult, and I can confirm that it’s even harder. The process was laborious, rife with setbacks, problems, and failures; I tested just about every limit I have, and I’m sure it isn’t over yet. 

It started with just a concept, just a few abstract ideas that I wanted to formulate into something concrete. Questions of freedom, of gender, of history, of mythology. I spent a month in Athens, Greece, thrown into a foreign city entrenched in familiar history. I walked the monumental museums of ancient mythology and the streets of immigrant neighbourhoods: I got to see the numerous timelines of history intertwine. I returned to my beloved Cy Twombly, studying his effortless, impactful brushstrokes and texts, and I read stacks of books by philosophers, artists, art historians, scientists, and academics.


The research was piling up, the interesting ideas too much to sort through. And finally what dawned on me was not enlightenment, but the dark. CONTRE / JOUR began to take shape.

IMG_1933 2.jpeg

CONTRE / JOUR is a show about the night, the darkness that allows for possibility, freedom, and action. Each work or series is its own mode of understanding these possibilities through three distinct realms—the mythological (While They Sleep), the communal (Enter, Tiger), and the personal (The Highlands)—all of which are bound together by dreams. Dreams which take place in the dark, but dreams which, by nature, illuminate. Perhaps it is the removal of clarity, perhaps it is a reversal of everything we know, that really communicates something. 




12-18 April, 2019

For any inquiries or more information on the show, you can message me through the contact page.